Founded by the Jewish Agency for Israel in 2016 as a nonprofit, Israel Tech Challenge (ITC) is dedicated to tackling the shortage of qualified high-tech engineers in Israel. ITC’s mission is to build a pipeline of talent for Israel’s most-needed high-tech positions. ITC provides participants from all around the world with intensive and elite code training programs inspired by IDF’s 8200 Intelligence Unit, followed by incredible placement opportunity.


Yonatan Cohen

Industry Engagement Ma..., Israel Tech Challenge

Industry Engagement Manager

Israel Tech Challenge

Data Science Program

ITC trains excellent graduates, both "Olim" and Israelis, from worldwide leading universities.

Our Data Science program includes four months of intensive and elite training of more than 1000 hours, followed by a five week project period in top high-tech companies leading to a great hiring opportunity for the hosting companies.

Our Full Stack program is a total of five months, starting with three months of intensive training at the ITC campus, followed by a two-month project period in high-tech companies. ITC is a full-time training, hands-on accelerator that encourages research, autonomous learning, and teamwork, while putting an emphasis on the industry's best practices and needs.

The Data Science program is focused on providing the most in-demand tools with a practical approach to the fascinating world of data science including specializations in NLP and Computer Vision. Our students are mentored by a strong technological team from the industry consisting of Tech Mentors, Lecturers and the Program Team.