Codalleh - an innovative, nonprofit training program for ultra-Orthodox women, specialising in algorithm implementation, low-level development, Computer Vision and Image Processing.

Codalleh helps talented ultra-orthodox people who dream of becoming high tech professional reach their potential.


Michael Nizovskiy

BizDev, FineALGS



Our mission is to solve the high-tech human resource challenge by developing a sustainable pipeline of quality religious professionals, promoting diversity and unity in Israeli society.


Dr. Yirmeyahu (Jeremy) Kaminski
Senior Lecturer at HIT, with over 16 years of experience in teaching applied mathematics for graduate degrees. Over 20 years in industry development and consulting positions in various fields of applied mathematics in computer science. Several patents are registered under his name.

Shmuel Fine
Shmuel is an Algorithmic R&D expert, 8200 alumni and CTO of FineALGs. This company provides algorithmic R&D services to customers in Israel and abroad while training ultra-Orthodox programmers in the field and integrating them into the company's work.

Dr. Anna Levant
Head of Algorithms at Applied Materials, teaches artificial intelligence at the "new" seminary in Jerusalem and lectures on Judaism in student programs. Over 13 years of experience in a variety of applied mathematical research in high-tech.

Dr. Levant also has experience integrating ultra-Orthodox women in high-tech.