Established in 2016 by Gvahim, a non-profit dedicated to helping skilled Olim integrate into the Israeli job market, the Tech program seeks to connect the market demand for quality Software Engineers and Data Scientists to new Olim and returning citizens. Gvahim's Tech program provides pre/post-Aliyah candidates with career consultation, professional guidance via an Israeli mentor, placement support, networking events & more.


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מרכזת תכנית בחיפה וצפון, גבהים טק

מרכזת תכנית בחיפה וצפון

גבהים טק

Gvahim Tech (GT) works with skilled Software Engineers and Data Scientists at both the pre and post-Aliyah stages to meet the growing market demand for qualified candidates in the Hi-Tech sector. Program participants are required to have a related technical degree or 2+ years of relevant work experience and must be highly skilled in either the English or Hebrew language.

To participate candidates are required to have a related technical degree or 2+ years of relevant experience, as well as a high level of English or Hebrew.

The program gives candidates complete support for integration into the Israeli Hi-Tech market. Participants benefit from a personalized approach with 1-on-1 career consultation, mentorship from an expert in their field, and individualized placement support for positions in leading hi-tech companies.

GT has a vibrant community life with opportunities to participate in monthly webinars in partnership with hi-tech companies and hiring managers, as well as monthly technical interview simulations.

The Gvahim Tech program has hundreds of alumni and a 90% job placement rate within 6 months of joining the program!

What our participants are saying:

"With a master degree recognized and sought by companies, I thought that finding a job in Israel would be a formality. It was not the case. The labor market is different here, in its structure and demand. During the training with Gvahim, I gradually understood what was wrong in my approach. Less than a month later, I was doing interviews that I did not have access to before." - Elior, Full Stack Software Developer at Checkpoint

"Gvahim Tech (GT) provided the resources and support necessary to enable me to acclimate to the job market and culture in Israel. GT has been there for me, from interview simulations to network events to hands-on resume reviews and more. And it's not over once you get a job - the GT community is forever!" – Shmuel, Senior Software Engineer at Shutterfly